Prostate enlargement and blockage (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) - Treatment for difficulty with urination or incomplete bladder emptying due to BPH is available by reducing the tissue blockage with the outpatient Indigo Laser procedure or the office-based TUNA (Transurethral Needle Ablation) procedure. Dr. Bilowus is highly trained and experienced with the Indigo Laser and the TUNA system.

Prostate cancer screening
- Prostate physical exam (DRE) should be done in all men after age 40. In men with a family history, African-American heritage, or men with no knowledge of family history (adopted), PSA blood testing should begin at age 40 annually instead of age 50.

Kidney stone lithotripsy (ESWL) - This can now be performed effectively and quickly on stones within the ureter non-invasively (without surgery) with the new Reston Hospital Center Dornier Lithotriptor. Dr. Bilowus is specially trained and very experienced with the Dornier Lithotriptor.

- This is available as an outpatient procedure through the hospital or as a confidential, in-office procedure under local anesthetic. Special financial arrangements are available for patients not covered by insurance.

Prostate transrectal ultrasound - This is offered as an in-office procedure under local anesthetic for evaluation of PSA elevation, prostate nodules, and/or prostate enlargement.

Radioactive seed implantation with ultrasonic guidance for prostate cancer
- Dr. Bilowus is highly experienced in Iodine and Palladium radioactive seed implantation to treat prostate cancer as an outpatient procedure at Reston Hospital Center in association with Dr. Kin-Sing Au or at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital in association with Dr. Daniel Clarke.

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